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Hi & Welcome to my Intimate Wax Training Guide.


My name is Deana. I am the founder of Pretty Kitty Intimate Waxing Suite in Perth Australia, an incredibly successful business and creator of Ms Vanity Beauty for my clients aftercare routine. My reputation is known for the best Brazilian Waxes in Perth along with my warm manner, attention to detail & my quick painless Intimate waxes. I have over 29yrs experience & during this time have mastered Brazilian Waxing in 7-15min.


This invaluable guide teaches you the secrets of my 'Pretty Kitty Butterfly Technique' & all the tips and tricks to perform Intimate Waxes.


My step by step guide will help you master an Intimate Wax in 7-15min.In this training guide not only are there instructions but step by step diagrams that show my sequence of an Intimate Wax ensuring a quick & thorough wax. I will go through how your room should be set up, products and equipment I use, recommended aftercare products that you can purchase and much more!


Included is a bonus video showing you step by step how I perform an intimate wax on a client.


I look forward to helping you master this technique & share my experience with you.


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Please note: This e-book is a digital download in PDF format. Bonus video demonstration included.

Purchases can be made through the shop tab.

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