Everything you need to get you started. Pretty Kitty Intimate Wax & Sweetest Sin

Luxurious Kitty Care Collection. Whipped Sugar Scrub for exfoliation, Luxurious Dry Oil for hydrating the skin, Ingrown serum to prevent and treat ingrown hairs & Shower Body Foam. Just choose your scent! 

Available in Milk & Honey, One Million Lady, Summer Berries, Coconut Vanilla, Creme Caramel, Miss Dior, Marshmallow & Bubblegum. Feels like Silk..Smells like

a Candy!


 Pretty Kitty Intimate Package $195

Note:We do not provide a trimming service. ​
Before your appointment please trim hairs to around 1cm which looks like a grain of rice!
We offer a 24hr guarantee!
If you are unhappy with your service for any
reason we will redo it at no charge.
We do not take special requests for certain therapists. Please rest assure that each of our professional girls are fully qualified, trained under company standards & are experts in the Pretty Kitty Technique.You won't be disappointed!

Service                                    Waxing     Reduction Serum                                                                         (Includes Wax)

Playboy Wax 4x                        $79                     $170

Clean front to back all

furry bits gone! 


Brazilian with strip 3x                $89                     $150

Wax desired amount on top 

& both sides of bikini line

leave strip/triangle in middle,

labia waxed through to tush. 


G-String Wax 2x                        $69                     $120

Wax 2 inches inside panty

line, bring top of pubic line 

down inch & wax into tush


Extended Bikini  1x                   $55                     $99

Wax along panty line on both sides of

bikini line, and into the tush area 

Student Discount ------20% off (show student card)


Firstly Congratulations!

It's better to start Brazilians early into your pregnancy.

We highly recommend every 2-3 wks as hairs are finer, sparser & come away a lot easier (regular waxing=less ouchy!).Sensitivity is heightened during pregnancy therefore sooner is better than later!

Pregnancy Wax

3-6mths-------------------- $79 ---------------------$170

6-9mths  -------------------$99--------------------- $170

Lip  ------------------------  $30  --------------------$60

Eyebrows  -----------------$30  --------------------$80

Chin  ------------------------$30  --------------------$60

Side of face  --------------$30  --------------------$85

Full Face   -----------------$90  --------------------$180

Under Arms   -------------$35  --------------------$80

Full Leg   -------------------$89  --------------------$220

Half Leg   ------------------$55  --------------------$180

Upper Leg  ----------------$60  --------------------$200

Inner Leg-------------------$25----------------------$80

Booty   ----------------------$50  --------------------$120

Stomach   ------------------$30  --------------------$140

Full Arms   -----------------$49  --------------------$220

Half Arms   ----------------$45  --------------------$160

Lower Back   --------------$30  --------------------$140

Snail Trail   -----------------$15 ---------------------$60

Mens Waxing(Contact us for Hair Reduction Serum Prices)

Boyzillian (excludes intimate area)------$170

Back & Shoulders---------$85

Full Leg Wax----------------$90

Chest & Stomach----------$85

Full Arms---------------------$75



Mens Full Body Wax------$499

We look forward to seeing you! xx



Active Kitty’s

Re-visit us within 3-4 weeks and receive $5 off… Meow!

Re-visit us within 2-3 weeks and receive $10 off…Meow!

Re-visit every 2 weeks and receive $15 off...Meow!


Student Discounts

Present your student card & receive 20% off!

It pays to Kiss ‘n’ Tell!

If you love Pretty Kitty… Kiss ‘n’ Tell! We value your loyalty & love Kitty referrals!

For every new client you send…you receive $20 off! and they receive $10 off!


Facebook Discount

Like & review “Pretty Kitty Intimate Waxing" & receive $15 off your next appointment!

Permanent Hair Reduction Treatment

The next Generation of hair removal is finally here!

Pretty Kitty is pleased to introduce you to the new permanent reduction treatment that doesn’t hurt & is quick.The best kept secret for the permanent reduction of unwanted hair. A unique hair removal gel treatment derived from natural enzymes with PERMANENT REDUCTION.

It’s applied after waxing and is completely painless. It’s for both women and men. Effective on any part of the body, for any hair type, skin colour/type, without any side effects.This amazing product suits virtually anyone who wants to permanently remove unwanted hair from any area of his or her body and can be likened to IPL. Unlike lasers or electrolysis, the System works quickly and painlessly. The treatment is used immediately after waxing or any other depilation procedure that removes the hair at its roots. It is then massaged onto the skin while the hair follicles are left open and empty then destroyed. This 2-part gel system breaks down the hair cells effectively preventing further hair growth and ridding the body of unwanted hair. The re-growth time is doubled and the number of hairs is reduced by at least 20% after each treatment.


All good things take time and this treatment will work if this protocol is followed. Successive and regular treatments are required over 12-24 months (depending on area treated) to completely treat all targeted hair through a complete hair growth cycle. After each successive treatment the re-growth time for remaining hair will be longer and hairs finer and easier to remove. A noticeable decrease in hair growth will be visible after the second or third treatment. Depending on target area, hair growth cycles, and hereditary hair traits, the time line for individual results may vary. Not all hair cells are active at the same time and only hair that is visible at the time is treated. Dormant hair follicles have to be treated when they become active, the hair is visible and in the Anagen phase. For maximum results it is used in conjunction with waxing, where the hair is removed by the root, and the follicles are left empty enabling the treatment enzyme-based gels to enter the empty follicles and break down the cells responsible for hair growth. To properly treat all hair follicles with the treatment system, 2-4 week intervals between treatments are recommended.

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