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Perth Specialists in Intimate Waxing

Welcome to Pretty Kitty the exclusive and discreet Intimate Waxing Suite. An exciting concept based on founder Deana’s experience and signature waxing technique. “The Pretty Kitty Butterfly Technique” has been created over 28 years of experience. Intimate Waxing was too important to be performed on the side and there was a need for a premium Intimate Wax Service strictly dedicated to waxing only, with a special focus on Brazilians. A strict hygiene policy is in place, custom Bubblegum Waxes infused with Argan Oil & Sweetest Sin Luxury Aftercare is what separates Pretty Kitty from other salons. Pretty Kitty offers not only the ultimate Intimate Waxing Experience, but also delivers a consistent client experience that is amazing!

Technique is Everything!

It's always disturbing to hear about bad Brazilian waxes by salons cutting corners to cut costs. One way to think about it is a $39 Brazilian wax is equivalent of going to a cheap hair salon that does $10 haircuts. Brazilian waxing is a specialised service. To offer this kind of service a Brazilian technician needs to have undergone a considerable amount training & experience. Why? Because there are several important elements to the service. First and most importantly is time. No one wants to wait in line to get a Brazilian wax and neither do they want to spend 60-90mins getting one done. An inexperienced Brazilian technician may take their time to perform the service, in addition to unnecessary steps as a result from mistakes. Second is comfort. No one wants to be unnecessarily uncomfortable. Yes waxing can be a little uncomfortable, but there are plenty of ways a technician can minimise this if they know what they’re doing. Bad Brazilian waxes are time consuming, very painful, and limited in terms of results.

And really, who wants to be on the table getting a Brazilian for any longer than 15min...?

Getting a Brazilian wax is a lot easier than many of you may think. The best Brazilian technicians in the business are quick! This dramatically cuts down any discomfort. A Brazilian wax shouldn't take more than15min-20min. Our Pretty Kitty Brazilians take 7-15 minutes. Fast waxing doesn't mean not being thorough, it means having developed skills & a whole set of techniques that allow me to thoroughly wax in a fast, gentle way. I have over 28yrs experience behind me which gives the advantage in a speedy & thorough technique exclusive to Pretty Kitty. The 'Pretty Kitty Butterfly Technique' along with my experience is so efficient that I am able to provide a quick service whilst minimising any discomfort.

Why choose Pretty Kitty ?

Many of our clients come to us after getting Brazilians at a bargain basement price
to find they get far more for their money here at Pretty Kitty.
- A faster service. With our Pretty Kitty Butterfly Technique, our Brazilians take only 7-15min
- Greater comfort. We know all the tricks to minimise pain.
- Understanding, friendly & compassionate staff.
- Strict hygiene standards. Absolutely NO DOUBLE DIPPING!

- Highly experienced staff personally trained by the founder of Pretty Kitty

- Custom Bubblegum Waxes infused with Argan Oil exclusive to Pretty Kitty 
- 24hr Pretty Kitty Guarantee
- Exclusive Sweetest Sin After Wax Care Collection.

- Exclusive Sweetest Sin Luxury Face Collection 

 We give an excellent end result and a pleasant experience. You simply won't get this at discount hair removal salons.​The most common thing we hear form our first time clients is “That didn’t hurt anywhere near as much as I expected!” We would be lying to say that there is not some discomfort associated with waxing, but its definitely manageable and nowhere near as bad as most people think. The discomfort is a short, sharp sting much like taking off a band-aid, and subsides within seconds of the wax being removed. We are always happy to tell clients that we wax ourselves, so not only do we know exactly what it feels like, we also know all the tips and tricks to make it as easy and pain-free as possible. Exactly how much it hurts depends entirely on your individual sensitivity, how coarse your hair is and how often you wax. With regular wax sessions the discomfort definitely reduces because you know what to expect and get used to the sensation, and because papilla or root of the hair weakens resulting in fewer and finer hairs, which come out more easily.  We are always more than happy to help & make your experience as comfortable as possible.
Pretty Kitty Intimate Waxing Suite is strictly dedicated to waxing only! We believe hair removing services are to important to be performed on the side like other beauty salons.
We ensure your privacy and discretion at all times with a professional, personalised and friendly service. Our boutiques have flat screen TV's in every room to entertain and relax you whilst getting your service done. You can expect professionalism and great advice. Pretty Kitty Intimate Wax Suite always follow strict hygiene standards ensuring all of our equipment and facilities are completely hygienic and sterilised to avoid any cross contamination. We use medical grade gloves with each client and single-use disposable spatulas.

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