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Find Beauty in organisation!

Designed in Perth Australia and created out of frustration, I could never find  a solution to keep all my beauty products and accessories in one area, protected from the dust and something large enough to fit my tall bottles, so I decided to create my own.

A beautiful 12 in 1 beauty organiser, the perfect place to display & organise your cosmetics & skincare products. Great addition in your beauty/spa salon, bathroom, vanity room or as a beauty therapist myself  it's the perfect  organiser for my waxing station.

Perfect for your waxing station, facial products, lash extension accessories, make-up, tattooing accessories or just about anything.


The design is transparent making it easy to see your items. High walls making it perfect to fit all your tall items. Small, medium & large  compartments giving you the flexabilty to organise anything from your makeup brushes and accessories to skincare and cosmetics. The large lid protects from dust & damage. Smooth glide drawer & non-slip stoppers to prevent slipping & sliding.Beautiful faux-crystal handles provide convenient opening & closing of the lid and draw.Created with high quality acrylic making our organisers not only look great, but also extremely durable.


  • Clear high quality luxury design

  • Extra large organiser with large compartments

  • Extra high lid to protect from dust & protect products

  • Large draw compartment

  • Smaller compartments for your smaller items

  • Different sizes of storage for perfume, make-up brushes, palettes, lipsticks, nail polish, jewellery, skincare and make-up. 

  • Glamorous & sturdy faux crystal handles

  • One piece no need to assemble

  • Luxe Pro Design, holds all your items in one area

  • 3mm thickness for durability and sturdiness

  • High quality acrylic

  • Clear design creates easy and effortless visibility 

  • Non slip pads to prevent sliding

  • Size - W 37.4cm x D 21.2cm x H 33.2cm



Ms Vanity Beauty Box

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