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Welcome to Pretty Kitty!


As the owner & creator of Pretty Kitty, I would like to personally welcome & thank-you for choosing Pretty Kitty Intimate Waxing Suite. We are thrilled to have you with us! You are very important to us and we value your business. Without you there is no us!

Established in 2006, we are extremely passionate about what we do. Our lovely girls at Pretty Kitty are personally chosen not only for their extensive experience but their gorgeous personalities. Our girls are personally trained by me in our signature “Pretty Kitty Butterfly Technique” using my exclusive Bubblegum Wax infused with Argan Oil, ensuring the highest quality of waxing and consistency each and every time. Our Intimate Waxes are quick, taking only 7-15min which means less ouchy for you! We offer evening appointments by appointment only for your convenience. We look forward to seeing you soon!    

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Bubblegum Playboy Wax - Free Wax Sample

Try our 7-15min Bubblegum Playboy Brazilian Wax. Exclusive to Pretty Kitty. Our gorgeous Bubblegum Wax is custom made & is only available at Pretty Kitty. The Bubblegum Wax adheres to your hairs and not your skin making it a painless waxing experience. It's truely is amazing!



~Not tested on animals

Pretty Kitty Waxes are made with     in Australia

~Made with the highest quality ingredients, Natural Plant Oils & Titanium Dioxide

making it extremely gentle on the skin. Smells good enough to eat!

Only available at Pretty Kitty Intimate Wax Suite!

Yes FREE! Try our Pretty Kitty Bubblegum Wax at no charge. Book your first appointment to come and see our friendly girls at Pretty Kitty and we will demonstrate how gentle & painless our wax really is. We do the demonstration on the lower leg or bikini area. It consists of an area about 3"square.


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Can I get an Intimate Wax

during Pregnancy?


First of all Congratulations Mumma! Here at Pretty Kitty Intimate Waxing Suite, we have clients getting waxed through all their stages of pregnancy. Sensitivity might be a little heightened during this time & to help reduce this we suggest waxing every 2-3 weeks. We make sure we extra prepare the skin with our exclusive Sweetest Sin Dry Oils as sensitivity is heightened during pregnancy. Our gorgeous custom waxes are infused with Argan Oil so the wax doesn't adhere to the skin & only the hair which means less ouchy for you. Our Intimate waxes are quick. I have over 28yrs of experience & know all the tips and tricks to minimise any discomfort. So please don't be nervous, your in very good hands! I look forward to seeing you soon. Deana xx

Pretty Kitty Guarantee

Here at Pretty Kitty, we value your business and love it when you tell your friends. If you are unhappy for any reason with your Pretty Kitty Wax, just let us know within 24 hours and we will gladly re-do it at no charge within 24hrs of your last appointment. That’s our Pretty Kitty guarantee!

Best Salon Review

AUSTRALIA’S Best Waxing Salon Review 2nd August 2010

By Kimberly Nissen

 “It is probably safe to say that waxing is not the most enjoyable beauty routine we inflict on ourselves. Luckily, however, there are some very smart salons out there that know how to jazz up the experience, including this delight. If you are going to get a Brazilian wax, you want a specialist, right? Well you can’t get more specialist than this salon. The ladies at Pretty Kitty are dedicated to Brazilian Waxing. Not only that but they have developed their own special technique that cuts down on waxing time to around 10 minutes! No more 40 minute torture sessions! 

Kitty Appointment Hours


Monday ~ (Booking fee $150 before 8am)

Tuesday ~ (Booking fee $150 before 8am)

Wednesday ~ (Booking fee $150 before 8am) 

Thursday ~ (Booking fee $150-Before 8am)

Friday ~ (Booking fee $150-Before 8am)

Saturday (Booking fee-Before 8am & after 6pm-$150)

Sunday (Booking fee-$200 )

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