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Sweetest Sin ... smells like Candy!!

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Sugar Body Polish

Vegan Coffee Scrub

Luxurious Dry Body Oils

Pre/Post Waxing Treatments

Strip & Hard Waxes

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Available in scents Strawberry Shortcake, Popcorn, Fudgelicious, Cotton Candy, Mint, Vanilla Dream, Bubblegum, Sweet Coconut, Pineapple, Apple, Butterscotch, Berry, Mango & many more!

Aftercare Collection 

Our Sweetest Sin After Care Collection feel & smell absolutely gorgeous. Everything you need for your aftercare needs in a convenient pack. Sugar Scrub, Dry Oil, Ingrown Serum, Cleansing Bar & Bath Salts. 

Dry Oils  

Sweetest Sin Dry Oils are luxurious! 

Hydrates, moisturises & soothes the skin.Unlike traditional heavy oils,

Sweetest Sin Dry Oils are very light on the skin so no greasy feeling.

Contains Vit E &grapeseed Oil. 

Apply as a pre & post wax treatment

to protect & hydrate the skin or apply as a gorgeous moisturiser. 

Smells like Candy!



• Made in Australia

• Not tested on animals

We don’t compromise on quality.

Sugar Scrubs 

Sweetest Sin Sugar Scrubs great for exfoliating dry and flakey skin leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. Great for removing spray tans. Use wet or dry.


    Vegan Coffee Scrub  

Our Coffee & Coconut Body Scrub are infused with Vitamin E. Dreamy, delicious & specially formulated to eliminate dry flaky skin. With specially chosen ingredients that actively target and reduce cellulite, stretch marks, acne & eczema & psoriasis. Infused with 

Coconut, Canola Oils & Vitamin E to soften and protect skin cells. 

  Ingrown Serum 

Sweetest Sin Ingrown Serum perfect for preventing & treating Ingrown Hairs. 

        Chocberry Hard & Strip Waxes

Our waxes are infused with Argan Oil often referred to as “Liquid Gold”. Argan oil is high in vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. It can help with many skin conditions, from dry skin to psoriasis, eczema and acne. Our waxes are kind to your skin, reduce redness & smell delicious. Each of our waxes are made with natural ingredients & are designed to be most gentle on the skin. Our waxes have superior adherence that shrink-wrap the hair & is more soothing meaning less ouchy on the skin! We only use this beautiful wax in our Waxing Boutiques and is the best on the market. Perfect for Brazilian waxes! & leaves your salon smelling like a Candy Shop!YUM!