To all my beautiful clients…THANK-YOU! Without you there is no us! Thank-you for all the love & support you have shown me, especially over the last few days. This is a really emotional time having to close the doors due to the government restrictions but I understand this needs to happen to keep everyone safe & slow the spread of this virus.


This is temporary! Look at this as a positive.Take this time to regroup & just breathe! Take up a hobby,learn something new, read a book,watch a movie (binge Netflix here I come!),learn a dance on you-tube, learn a musical instrument, exercise, eat healthy (maybe a pizza every now and again lol), love yourself!


I know it’s hard & emotions are running high while we all try & navigate through this uncertain time but stay strong, we will all get through this together!


Please download our app Pretty Kitty Intimate Wax & turn on notifications, follow us on Instagram & Facebook as I would love to touch base with you. Let's keep positive and make the most of this time! I will keep you updated to when we re-open. If you need to talk, just message...I am here! We are all in this together! If you need any of the gorgeous Sweetest Sin aftercare products just message me and I can try send that out to you alternatively you can pick up from Morley(just send up a text) or order online at


Just remember...when this all ends, AND IT WILL

Every restaurant will have a 2hr wait

There will be a wait list for Pretty Kitty..I can't wait!     

Every kid will be glad to be in school (ok maybe not every) 

Everyone will love their job

The stock market will skyrocket

We will shake hands, hug and kiss.

That’s going to be a pretty good day.

Hang in there! 


Please keep safe, my thoughts are with you & your families.


Sending you lots of love & air kisses.


Deana - Pretty Kitty xoxo

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 10.00.49

When Pretty Kitty is in lockdown and trying to

convince yourself hairy is in!

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 10.05.54

Just a little something to make you laugh