Booking & Cancellation Policy


First of all I just wanted to thank-you for all your ongoing support, especially during these challenging times. Without you, there is no us & we simply couldn't survive! xx
Due to popular demand, we now have additional day & evening hours available. The best way to book is online through this website, as we don't always answer the phones when busy. If you need your login details please text Pretty Kitty reception. We advise booking all your appointments in advance as spots go fast!

Here at Pretty Kitty, keeping on time is important to us. Scheduling appointments makes our business run smoothly because of our volume of clientele. No-shows and last minute cancellations enormously disadvantage our business and other clients that are wanting to book an appointment. At Pretty Kitty we make bookings every 20
 minutes. We run on a strict time schedule, so the next client does not have to wait around unnecessarily, so please arrive 5-10 minutes early. If you arrive late and we are not able to move you to the next available spot on the day, you will then forfeit your appointment and will be charged FULL PRICE for services booked. When you are late to your appointment,  we then run late, which is unfair to clients that are on time. Our staffs time has been allocated for you and only you. As we are a by appointment only salon we cannot fill these appointments last minute.
*We require 3 days notice for all cancellations. Three days before your appointment, a reminder text will be sent to you so you can confirm with a "YES" or "NO". Appointments not confirmed within the time given WILL BE CANCELLED and given to someone else. If you confirm, and then decide to cancel/reschedule or simply don’t show, you WILL be charged full price of your booked appointment, as now that appointment has been lost & can't be given to someone else. We will then require your Credit Card details to keep on file to process cancellation fees and all future appointments will need to be prepaid. 
Once again Thank-you for supporting us & Thank you for your consideration towards Pretty Kitty and our clients. 

We look forward to seeing you soon! xxx

No Children Policy

As an exclusive Intimate Waxing Boutique we have a lot of glass and breakables in the reception area that is not safe for children. We ask that you don’t bring children with you when you visit Pretty Kitty, as we cannot be responsible for watching them during your appointment. We understand that sometimes this might not be possible so in some circumstances we may allow your child into the room with you.