Hi everyone!!!

First of all HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to the beautiful Mum’s, Fur baby Mum’s, Mum’s to be, Step Mum’s, Foster Mum’s and the Mum’s no longer with us ..... forever loved x

As you may or may not have heard, we will be re-opening in stage 3 that means mid June (hopefully early June!). Please hang in there!


We will send you a text reminder in a few weeks. We have had a lot of requests from clients to book as soon as we open so instead of a wait list we have now opened online bookings from June 9th so you can book your June appointments in (yes we think it will be a week earlier. We will push back these appointments if we need to but will know closer to the beginning of June).  If you have been shaving please don't 2-3 wks before June 9th so your hairs will be long enough for us to wax. 


In the mean time if you need any of our gorgeous products go to www.sweetestsin.com.au to purchase online or text us on 0423669690 and we can arrange for a pick-up at Morley. We can't wait to see you all soon! xoxo

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When Pretty Kitty is in lockdown and trying to convince yourself hairy is in!